What’s the meaning of birthday?
got a lot of greetings?
being older?

What’s the special thing you remember of your birthday?
your family?
your bf/gf?
birthday cake?

I think the simple meaning of birthday is being grateful.
Give thanks for your life, your breath, your health.
Give thanks for your achievement, who you are now, your current education, your current position.
Give thanks for all the people around you, your family, your best friend, your bf/gf, your classmate/office-mate, etc.

After that you can measure your achievement, where are you now.
How about your target? Evaluate your strength and your weakness.
What are the challenges? Make a simple risk management for your life.
Stick to the plan, and always prepare the plan B.

Do not expect for a present too much. A present is just a present, no more than that.
The important thing is the people around you remember you.
And the most important thing is your current life. Give thanks with the grateful heart.

*Actually I’m not expert in English, but I try to make this simple post with English (pardon me if there are many grammatical errors)